Top 5 tools that remote teams love

Since last year, remote working has become the order of the day. Before now, it was scarcely heard of, and remote working was usually reserved for the top management staff. However, in light of the global shut-in resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, many organizations’ workforce has now gone the remote route. To be fair, even before the outbreak of COVID-19, which is the primary catalyst to remote working becoming the norm, many companies had already begun remote operations, however, for certain specific roles like customer care.

Irrespective of the reason (s) why a mode of operations based on remote working conditions brings its own unique set of tools to both employers and the employees alike, which they may or may not have been prepared to deal with. This article will be looking at the top five tools that remote teams love to use.


Slack is a platform created for business communication by Slack Technologies, an American software company. Slack offers an easy and conducive environment for peers to chat either on a 1-on-1 basis or as a group call. It also allows for the creation of chatrooms that can be persistent and organized based on topics. Slack also integrates very well with other remote work tools. While it is a great communication tool, it can’t solve all your communication problems, so users have to be considerate while using it.


Trello is a project supervision and productivity tool application software. It creates a visual way for you to manage tasks by showing the progress of different ongoing tasks. Communication is basic and easy, which helps communication. It makes use of ‘boards’ to organize your tasks and keep you abreast of their progress. You can also create columns for tasks.



Well, this software is now a household name that needs no introduction, well, except if only you just returned from outer space or something. It takes care of the communication needs of any remote workforce, up to 1000, with features such as Board meetings, Active speaker view, Instant Messaging, and email invitations. It makes communication seamless.


Teams is a product of Microsoft and comes as part of the Microsoft 365 package. It’s also a communication platform that offers chat, voice, and video conferencing for remote teams. It also comes with integrated office packages, so file sharing, viewing, and editing can be done. Presentation with PowerPoint works seamlessly on teams.


Bitbucket is a git-based application that creates a workspace for tech guys and engineers to code. More than this, it allows teams to work together in the same space, code and communicate, plan, manage and execute projects, collaborate on, test, and deploy codes together. 

With the popularity of remote working now, many more remote working tools have been designed and work pretty well for different remote teams. It’s crucial that each company determines what works best for them and suits them the most.