The importance of a brand kit for new business owners

In the world of online shopping and social media that most of us participate in today, nearly everything has a brand. Social media accounts, big businesses, small businesses, and even people have a brand. Consumers have access to a never-ending amount of products or services right in their hands because of phones and technology. They may see advertisements or imagery of these products or services on a dozen different websites or social media feeds. Because of that vast amount of access, business owners have needed to create a consistent visual identity so that consumers can always find the products or services and trust that the company they see on one website is who they see on another.

This development of a consistent visual identity is called branding or creating a brand. It is not a new concept, and businesses have been doing this for decades with logos and slogans. But — because of the constant visual access consumers now have on the internet and social media, it is vital to create a brand identity that consumers can easily recognize and trust.

That being said, how do businesses stay consistent with their brand? Not everyone on their team is a designer or even inherently creative, so how can small businesses ensure that every visual image associated with their business can be linked back to them? Humans love consistency. It makes it easier to trust people, services, and businesses. It is attractive to the eye. This is why branding is so important. It helps clients and consumers trust a business they find online and keeps them visually and aesthetically engaged.

Brand Kits: A Way to Stay Consistent

Branding kits are vital if you want to keep your brand clear and consistent to anyone that needs to develop marketing tools or ads for your business. Branding kits are a one-stop-shop for anything that you want to visually or aesthetically associate with your business. They help you stay consistent with your marketing development and they help anyone you outsource to stay consistent as well.

What Does a Brand Kit Usually Include?

Let’s talk about what is usually included in a brand kit.

Vision and Mission – While this component may not be strictly visual, it can help marketing developers create something that not only visually follows what you are going for but also emotionally. This can help you create ads or marketing tools that not only come across the way you want visually but also express the larger message of your business or service. 

Tag lines – These can be any small groups of words or phrases that go along with your mission that you want to be included alongside a logo or other visual marketing creation

Colors – This element is strictly visual but is vital to a branding kit. In your kit, include samples of any colors or color palettes you want to be included in any marketing, websites, or ads.

Additional Elements– Additional elements can be variations of a logo, typography, or any imagery that you would like included in the marketing for your small business. 

When creating a brand kit, you need to sit down with your team and take the time to fully uncover how you want your business to be seen across all platforms. Businesses can rebrand, but it is a tricky process that occasionally can confuse or turn off certain customers. Taking your time and creating a brand and brand kit that you love and will stand the test of time will help.

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