Data to Decisions

Power BI Consulting

Do you want your sales data to look like this?

  • Convert sales, marketing, CRM, Invoice, orders, literally any data into business insights
  • Identity leading products, categories and regions
  • Identify trends by month, quarter and year
  • Interactive sorting, slicing and filtering
  • AI powered insights
  • Many more possibilities…
  • Fully customizable to your needs

2 Week FREE jump start

With a Two-Week Power BI Quick Start, I will design an initial data model using your own data to bring you insights you may never have had before, in just 2 weeks.

Why Power BI

Power BI Advantages

Inclusions and Costs

Monthly full-service outsourced business intelligence model.

  • Monthly planning call
  • 1 new report
  • Visual Updates
  • Monthly Data updates – CSV, Excel or database
  • 1 Microsoft web access user license
  • System Maintenance and Support
  • 2 week jump start is FREE. No obligation. No Fees.
  • Desktop version of Power BI is FREE, so you don’t have any costs there.
  • For web access Microsoft plans start @just $9.99/user/mo (included in monthly plan)
  • Our monthly fee – $1250/MO, Annual subscription @15% discount